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Understanding the AITom Meme Project with Data Tools as the Main Theme

AITOM ( is a practical Meme project. In terms of utility, AITOM is a Web3 AI traceability, querying, and tracking system based on the Arbitrum network. It is an early-stage project in the popular tool category. AITOM is essentially a Meme project that references the IP image of “TOM the cat.” Its project promotion model embodies typical Meme token characteristics of derivation, resonance, and viral replication.

Early-stage projects in the tool category

Observing the development process of Meme tokens, it can be noticed that the viral marketing of these tokens typically follows an S-shaped curve, from aidoge to pepe. Early Meme tokens often experience explosive growth and subsequent crashes, but due to a lack of ecosystem and application support, their lifecycles are relatively short and they struggle to maintain reasonable valuations.

Many Meme project teams have realized that relying solely on cultural dissemination and community hype is not sufficient for sustaining the token price. Once these projects gain traction, they often shift their focus towards product narratives and begin developing concrete applications to support sustainable project growth.

By emphasizing product narratives and developing practical applications, Meme projects can provide tokens with real-world use cases, ensuring long-lasting growth and stable value. This transformation can extend the lifespan of Meme tokens and build a foundation for sustainable project development.

During its inception, AITOM established a long-term product roadmap aimed at creating a Web3 data tool driven by AI training models that can be accessible to everyone.

Nansen is a well-known example of a tool application, but it does not have its own token. Binance launched the Arkham project on its Launchpad, officially recognizing the tool category as a new field in Web3. However, overall, token-based tool projects are still in the early stages. For instance, Arkham’s product has not been formally launched yet.

The core functionality of the first version of AITOM’s product is based on blockchain hash address querying and tracking. Users can input a hash address to retrieve related information, such as transaction records, participant details, and historical holdings. This feature helps users ensure the credibility and authenticity of data and products, enhancing consumer trust and supply chain transparency.

AITOM supports three user types to cater to its users:

1.Free Registered Users: These users can access basic querying functionalities.

2.Paid Users: In addition to basic querying, paid users can access more in-depth tracking and tracing services.

3.Advanced Paid Users: These users enjoy the most comprehensive traceability, tracking, and alert querying functionalities. They are provided with clear and transparent information during their transfer and transaction processes, thus safeguarding their on-chain assets. They also receive priority access to the project’s internal testing whitelist.

If conducting on-chain research or airdrops, it is highly likely that AITOM’s data functionalities would be utilized. In a common scenario, when we want to know the identity of an address, whether it is a large holder, an exchange integration address, or an individual address, and its holdings dynamics and historical information, AITOM’s product will be able to provide these transaction information queries and analyses.

AITOM is still in its early stages, and currently, it offers a free trial experience. The data analysis and information functionalities of AITOM may not be as extensive or finely labeled as those of Nansen.

However, as AITOM’s product continues to iterate and develop, its functionalities will be continuously improved. Based on recent AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and the roadmap, AITOM will accelerate its product iterations, including conducting IDO (Initial DEX Offering), listing on DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) and CEX (Centralized Exchanges), initiating an ambassador recruitment program, launching multi-chain wallet asset querying, and introducing staking pools, among others.

AITOM plans to release a black address library based on the second-generation AI model labels. This library can be accessed through APIs to provide phishing website monitoring services related to DeFi. In the future, AITOM will also introduce an enterprise version with customizable solution services.

Furthermore, AITOM will release a browser security check plugin that supports pre-detection using the black address library before submitting transactions to the chain. It will also enable website verification directly for DeFi webpages that require submission.

The development of the Discover AI training engine algorithm is highly anticipated within the community. By collecting and learning from a vast amount of on-chain data, this algorithm builds an AI training layer on top of the on-chain data, enhancing AITOM’s data analysis and intelligence capabilities with smart and professional upgrades.

In the near future, the community’s developers also plan to add the X-AI cross-link interface in the V3 version. This update will expand the on-chain data learning from Ethereum to over ten mainstream chains, including Binance Smart Chain and Solana. This cross-chain analysis capability will enable AITOM to identify the overall view of addresses more comprehensively, allowing for more accurate identification of large holder addresses, whale addresses, and well-known token swap addresses.

Please note that the development and implementation of these features are subject to the roadmap and ongoing updates, so it is advised to refer to the latest information from AITOM for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

AITOM follows the pattern of memetic marketing, which is typical for Meme projects. It features an interesting and engaging IP image, in this case, the “TOM the cat” character. It started at a low price, with characteristics such as fair distribution and viral spread.

The “TOM the cat” image has excellent visual appeal, which helps attract the attention of the target audience and quickly spreads the creative ideas of AiTom on social media platforms. This memetic approach leverages the power of viral marketing and community engagement to promote and popularize the project.

As a Meme project, people may indeed be interested in the low initial issuance price and the potential for high returns.

According to the information provided, AITOM has a total issuance of 60 ETH, with an initial release of 40%, equivalent to 24 ETH. Considering airdrops and community whitelist allocations, the initial circulating supply will not exceed 40 ETH, making it a very small supply.

In terms of the economic model, AITOM follows the traditional meme coin model of burning and destruction. Additionally, it introduces an economic model called the “price protection pool.” AITOM imposes a 10% tax on each sell transaction on the blockchain (buying and transferring transactions are not taxed). After collecting the on-chain tax, the funds are allocated as follows:

(1) 30% for burning and destruction.

(2) 40% for the price protection pool.

(3) 30% as ecosystem rewards for community contributors.

The 30% tax is used for burning and direct destruction by sending it to a black hole address. The larger the trading volume of AITOM, the more will be burned, reducing the total supply. In addition to that, following the development patterns of Meme coins, once the project gains popularity, early holders of high-quality Meme projects tend to increase virally, driving up the value of the token.

It’s important to note that investing in meme projects can carry high risks, and potential investors should conduct thorough research and exercise caution before making any investment decisions.

The 40% of the tax goes into a price protection pool, which allows for the exchange of AITOM tokens with USDT. The formula for the price of exchange in the price protection pool is as follows:

Price of exchange in the price protection pool = Total funds in the price protection pool / Total circulating supply of tokens

Users can use the price of exchange in the price protection pool to exchange their tokens for the corresponding value in USDT. The tokens exchanged will be uniformly sent to the black hole address for destruction.

From the above formula, it can be observed that as the project develops, the total funds in the price protection pool will increase while the total circulating supply of tokens decreases (within the release period). As a result, the price in the price protection pool will increase over time, attracting more users to purchase tokens and creating a positive development trend.

Please note that the dynamics and outcomes of the price protection pool and token value are subject to market conditions and user demand. It’s important to carefully assess risks and conduct your own due diligence before engaging in any transactions or investments.

The allocation of 30% for ecosystem rewards to community contributors is indeed a good incentive for the sustainable development of the project’s ecosystem. This rewards those who contribute to the AITOM community, fostering engagement and participation.

Furthermore, AITOM’s issuance and rule settings are transparent and publicly available. For example, the burning address is managed through smart contracts, making it auditable and verifiable. The price protection pool exchange mechanism is also transparent, with the official website providing information on the pool, including the total funds, circulating token supply, corresponding price, amount burned, and contract address (which is updated weekly).

In summary, AITOM ( is a practical Meme project. It is a tool-oriented project driven by AI training models based on the Arbitrum network, offering practicality in its applications. AITOM is essentially a Meme project that references the IP image of “TOM the cat,” embodying typical Meme token characteristics of derivation, resonance, and viral replication in its project promotion.

The innovative price protection pool mechanism and transaction burn mechanism of AITOM facilitate token destruction, leading to rapid deflation and value generation in circulation. The more open, fair, and transparent IDO sales method allows community users to obtain AITOM coins at an affordable and transparent price. With a small initial circulating supply of 40 ETH and a widely distributed community token holding, the individual holdings are relatively small, making it easier to form a community consensus on the project’s value.

Recently, due to a slight increase in the Bitcoin market, the AITOM project has gained higher attention in the market. When evaluating the long-term prospects of the project, it is important to focus on the implementation of its tool products and their adoption in real-world scenarios.

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