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The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

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Culinary Workers Union, Local 226

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 Additional Proxy Soliciting Materials

  Culinary Workers Local 226
  1630 S. Commerce St.
  Las Vegas NV 89101

  For More Information
  (702) 387-7005

  Culinary Workers Local 226 Files Definitive Proxy Statement
  Seeking Reform of Stock Option Policies and Corporate
  Governance at The Cheesecake Factory (CAKE:Nasdaq)

  Las Vegas, NV   Today, Culinary Workers Union Local 226 has
  filed a definitive proxy statement with the Securities and
  Exchange Commission seeking reform of The Cheesecake
  Factory's stock option and corporate governance policies.
  The proposals will be voted on by shareholders at The
  Cheesecake Factory's May 13, 2003 annual meeting.

  "In our view Cheesecake Factory has awarded an excessive
  amount of stock options to managers at the company, leading
  to significant shareholder dilution," said Chris Bohner,
  Senior Research Analyst.for the Culinary Union.
  "Cheesecake shareholders are witnessing a material transfer
  of property from shareholders to management, and we believe
  it's time to for shareholders to stand up and put a stop to
  it, " Bohner said.

  From 1995 through 2002 more than 7.6 million stock options
  have been exercised by managers  -- or over 15% of the
  outstanding shares in 2002.   There is the potential of an
  additional 17% of the company's shares being introduced into
  the market through the exercise of stock options, further
  diluting shareholders.

  "We feel Cheesecake Factory has been able to award such a
  large number of stock options because the company doesn't
  account for the cost of the options in the income statement,
  and because the company has avoided subjecting a large stock
  option plan to a shareholder vote," said Bohner.

  The Culinary Union is asking shareholders to vote for two
  stock option proposals recommending that the Company begin
  expensing stock options and subject all stock option plans
  to shareholder approval.

  In addition, the Culinary Union is urging shareholders to
  vote for four corporate governance proposals asking the
  company to institute annual elections for directors,
  separate the position of Chairman and CEO, subject the
  company's "poison pill" to a shareholder vote, and remove
  the Company's requirement that governance changes receive
  approval from at least 80% of all shares voted.

  "We believe the Cheesecake Factory board of directors has
  elected to insulate and entrench themselves behind an array
  of anti-takeover devices that restrict shareholder rights, "
  said Bohner.  "It's time for this company to modernize its
  corporate governance profile.  If the recent corporate
  scandals are any guide, good corporate governance is vital
  to protecting shareholder value," added Bohner.

  The Culinary Workers Union and affiliated benefit plans own
  approximately 30,000 shares of The Cheesecake Factory.  The
  Culinary Union's parent organization, the Hotel Employees
  and Restaurant Employees International Union, is a member of
  the Council of Institutional Investors, a corporate
  governance organization representing over $1 trillion in